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Diary of a Bellydancer

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I started learning to bellydance in July 2006, just before my 29th birthday. I fell in love with the dance.

Dancing makes me happy, it is one of very few things that are guarenteed to make me smile. This journal therefore should be a happy journal. I have a different journal for whinging about the problems in my life, this one is purely for the joy of dancing.

This journal is also primarily a selfish endeavour. I shall be recording notes on classes and on workshops, mostly as a trigger for my own memory. I do make long reports on most bellydance events that I attend, but under another name on bellydance_uk. So, feel free to friend me, but don't be upset by long posts about what we covered in class this week!

Should any kind reader wish to aid me in my persuit of this dance, feel free to click on this button (clicking 'sort by priority' might make the trawl easier!) ;)

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