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First classes of the year [Jan. 11th, 2008|12:26 am]
[Current Mood |goodgood]

Today saw my first dance sessions of 2008. I entirely failed to practise over xmas and new year, and I could really feel that today!

Cis took us through a fairly gentle session, partly the 'ease us back in', and partly because she was struggling with a really bad cold.

We did a fair bit of shimmying to get us properly warmed up as it was freezing in the hall today! Also spent a bit of time checking posture, going over hip-circles and a bit of free-dancing. I felt stiff and my body didn't appear to want to do things that I know it's capable of, I had to keep conciously checking my posture because it's gone totally after a 2 week break (feels like so much longer!) Felt much better for having gone and started back on the road to finding my flexibility and isolation again!

Afterwards we went to the Boomshanka practise where we spent the whole session practising cues. I think this will take a lot more work, it really does show up the differences in how people dance, everyone needs to dance in time, and you really need to keep you hands still when you're not signalling something! Had a lot of fun though, I look forward to doing more work on this.

Now I just need to get my JOY form sent off and get practising again!